[News] Former Bosch Semiconductor Plant Manager Takes Helm as President of TSMC’s European Subsidiary

2024-01-05 Semiconductors editor

Christian Koitzsch, former plant manager of Bosch’s semiconductor facility in Dresden, has transitioned to a new role as the president of TSMC’s European Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (ESMC).

Frank Bösenberg, the Managing Director of the Semiconductor Association “Silicon Saxony” in Dresden, confirmed on the professional networking platform LinkedIn that Christian Koitzsch, the former plant manager of Bosch Semiconductor Manufacturing Company in Dresden, has embarked on a new journey in the new year, assuming the role of president at the ESMC, a subsidiary of TSMC.

In Christian Koitzsch’s LinkedIn profile, he also has indicated that his current position is the President of the ESMC. He is expected to oversee the construction of TSMC’s new plant in Dresden, with groundbreaking anticipated in the latter half of this year.

Dr. Koitzsch holds a PhD in physics and has previously held various managerial positions at Bosch, a major automotive components manufacturer. In July 2021, he assumed the role of plant manager at Bosch’s semiconductor fab in Dresden before transitioning to his current role as the President of the ESMC.

Bosch’s 12-inch fab primarily produces chips for automotive applications and is renowned for its high level of automation, claiming to be the most advanced fab in Europe. The designated location for TSMC’s Dresden plant happens to be right next door.

In August of 2023, TSMC announced the establishment of a joint venture, the ESMC, in Dresden, Germany’s eastern region. TSMC holds a 70% stake, while European semiconductor companies such as Bosch, Infineon, and NXP each hold a 10% stake.

This is TSMC’s first manufacturing facility in Europe, scheduled to commence production by the end of 2027. The German government has approved a subsidy of EUR 5 billion, facilitating this investment project with a total amount exceeding EUR 10 billion (approximately USD 10.9 billion).

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