[News] TSMC Grants Special Contribution Bonuses, as TSMC’s 2nm Process Potentially Seen Breakthrough

2023-12-29 Semiconductors editor

With the successful mass production of TSMC’s 3nm process and preparations for the upcoming 2nm process, recent reports suggest that TSMC has awarded a special contribution bonus to its research and development team in December, acknowledging the hard work of its employees.

In response to the news about the special contribution bonuses in December, TSMC stated that the company has always upheld the belief that “employees are the company’s most important assets” and this move is part of the ongoing commitment to taking care of its workforce.

According to reports citing from the industry sources, TSMC successfully commenced production of 3nm chips last year, and mass production is on track for the latter half of this year. Following this, advancements are being made in advanced processes, including 2nm and the development of processes such as A14 (1.4nm) and A10.

Specifically, after smooth research and development trials of the 2nm process this year, it will be integrated into the completed construction of Fab 20 in Baoshan, Hsinchu. The team at this facility is gearing up for risk production in 2024 and aims for mass production in 2025. A14 is expected to undergo trial production and mass production between 2027 and 2028.

TSMC has previously mentioned in its Earning Conference that the 2nm process technology will adopt a Nanosheet transistor structure, enhancing performance to meet the growing demand for energy-efficient computing.

Additionally, the 2nm family has developed backside power rail solution, particularly suitable for high-speed computing applications. The goal is to launch this solution for customer adoption in the latter half of 2025 and begin mass production in 2026.

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