[News] TSMC Responds to Rumors of New 1.4nm Fab

2023-12-13 Semiconductors editor

Rumors suggest TSMC will set up a new fab that deploys 2nm and more advances processes in the Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP) Phase 2, Taichung City, Taiwan. The city mayor Shiow-Yen Lu has confirmed TSMC’s entry into Phase 2, designating all allocated land exclusively for TSMC 2nd Fab in CTSP. According to the local government, the new fab is expected to house “processes advances than 2nm,” expressing the hope that TSMC will bring its latest technology to Taichung City.

The latest news about TSMC’s new plant has emerged. CNA reported that during the regular session of the Taichung City Council on December 12th, the mayor responded to councilors regarding the progress of Taichung’s efforts to attract TSMC’s new plant. Mayor stated that the city government has secured the deal, confirming that TSMC will establish itself in the CTSP Phase 2.

Mayor Lu explained that due to the immense scale of TSMC’s Taichung 2nd Fab, the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan is assisting as well. While CTSP Phase 1 accommodates numerous companies, almost all the land in Phase 2 is allocated for TSMC’s Taichung 2nd Fab.

In response, TSMC expressed gratitude for the support from the Taichung city government and pledged to continue cooperating with the relevant procedures. Regarding whether Phase 2 of CTSP will adopt technology for 2nm and more advances process, TSMC did not provide further clarification.

TSMC has also responded to earlier reports about Samsung offering discounts so as to be more effective in competing with TSMC for 2nm orders. During a joint interview before the Taiwan Executive Yuan’s Science & Technology Meeting on December 13th, TSMC Chairman Mark Liu stated that TSMC’s customers prioritize technological quality. As for the outlook for the coming year, Liu expressed hope for a very healthy year.

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