[News] Luxshare Reportedly Abandons Plans for Indian Manufacturing, Shifts Focus to Vietnam

2023-11-21 Consumer Electronics editor

Luxshare, a crucial player in the Chinese Apple supply chain, is facing challenges in its Indian expansion plans due to the strained relations between China and India. Several Indian media outlets reported that Luxshare has revised its initial investment plan of $330 million, opting to forgo establishing manufacturing facilities in India, stating, “This decision is a setback for India.”

Following these reports, Luxshare clarified on the evening of the 20th that the mentioned reports are inaccurate, emphasizing that Luxshare has not made any $330 million investment decisions in India.

Akin to Taiwanese companies, Chinese companies have been establishing manufacturing facilities in India in recent years as Apple gradually diversifies its supply chain to Vietnam, India, and other locations, reported by ET Telecom. Earlier this year, the Indian government tentatively approved approximately 14 Apple suppliers from China, including Luxshare and Sunny Optical.

However, the condition for approval required these Chinese companies to form joint ventures with local businesses, becoming a hindrance for Chinese investments in India. As a result, some companies are exploring alternative locations. On November 9th, the Bac Giang Industrial Zones Authority in Vietnam announced that Luxshare would make an additional investment of $330 million to construct new production facilities in the province. Indian media interpreted this change in plans by Chinese companies as “India’s loss and Vietnam’s gain.”

In June of this year, Luxshare shareholders expressed concerns about the company’s recent challenges in India. However, Luxshare’s top management emphasized the necessity of comprehensive guarantees in investment, politics, customer relations, and other aspects before contemplating the establishment of manufacturing facilities in India. Currently, Luxshare remains focused on consumer electronics in Vietnam, while maintaining automotive and communication production lines in Mexico.

Chinese media also highlighted that, amid the current tensions in Sino-Indian relations, another major Apple supplier in China, BYD, is facing a similar situation. Previously, BYD planned to expand its presence in India and attempted to establish an iPad assembly line in February 2021. However, BYD announced that this investment had shifted to Vietnam in May, with plans to invest USD 184 million in the production of electronic components.

(Image: Luxshare)