[News] Volkswagen Group Reports Strong 45% Growth in EV Sales for the First Three Quarters of 2023

2023-10-26 Emerging Technologies editor

Volkswagen Group has reported its sales for the first three quarters of 2023, and the EV segment is showing remarkable growth, with a 45% increase compared to the same period last year. The group has sold 531,500 pure electric vehicles during this time, marking a significant step toward its transition to a zero-carbon, all-electric future.

The global share of EV sales for Volkswagen Group has grown to 7.9%, reaching 9% in the third quarter. If this trend continues, the annual share of pure electric vehicles is expected to fall within the range of 8% to 10% this year, with a stable 10% or more expected next year.

Europe remains the stronghold for Volkswagen’s electric vehicles, with a 61% growth compared to last year, selling a total of 341,000 EVs. In the US market, there has been a 74% growth, with 50,000 pure electric vehicles sold, while the Chinese market has seen a modest 4% growth, with sales totaling 117,000.

However, similar to Tesla, Volkswagen faces challenges with declining profitability despite increasing delivery numbers, primarily due to intense price competition. The operating profit has decreased by 7%, accumulating €16.2 billion, which means that despite an 8% growth in overall vehicle deliveries (regardless of the powertrain), with 6.8 million vehicles sold, profitability has remained nearly unchanged.

Volkswagen’s primary focus for the future is to continuously optimize cost control, emphasize its system adjustment plan, and develop cross-brand collaborative strategies to improve profitability margins.

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(Photo credit: Volkswagen)