[News] CATL Aims to Electric Vehicles with Second-Generation Sodium-Ion Batteries

2023-10-17 Emerging Technologies / Energy editor

As the global competition in electric vehicle power batteries intensifies, Chinese battery giant CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd.) has been unveiling its new generation of automotive power batteries. Notably, during the “2023 Chery Tech Day” event, multiple batteries from CATL were showcased, with a strong focus on their second-generation sodium-ion battery.

According to a report by “mydrivers,” although several of CATL’s batteries were showcased during Chery’s event, including the Shenxing Superfast Charging Battery, Qilin Battery, and Sodium-ion batteries. It is set to be the debut choice for Chery vehicles.

The report from mydrivers further indicates that Sodium-ion batteries have garnered significant attention due to their cost-effectiveness, stable performance, resilience to low temperatures, excellent charge and discharge rates, and the ability to meet the energy density requirements for various applications, including two-wheeled electric vehicles, power tools, energy storage, and A00-grade electric vehicles.

CATL introduced the first-generation Sodium-ion battery in July 2021, featuring a single-cell energy density of 160 Wh/kg. It allows for an 80% charge within 15 minutes at room temperature and maintains over 90% of discharge capacity even in low-temperature environments as cold as -20°C.

The latest updates suggest that CATL is already in the process of developing the second-generation Sodium-ion battery.

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 (Photo credit: CATL)