Panel Prices Remain Stable in Early October, Rising Trend Starts to Weaken

2023-10-05 Display TrendForce

Entering the fourth quarter, demand for television panels has started to weaken steadily, prompting brand customers to request price reductions. However, from current observations, panel manufacturers are still implementing strict production rate controls, attempting to keep prices stable and minimize the possibility of price drops. Therefore, as of early October, television panel prices continue to show an overall stable trend. However, there have been recent indications of pressure on some distributors to lower prices for small-sized television panels, and whether this will lead to a loosening of prices in this segment remains to be seen.

Monitor brand customers significantly increased their inventory in the second and third quarters. Consequently, as we enter the fourth quarter, there are signs of weakening demand for monitor panels, and panel prices are no longer able to maintain the slight upward trend seen in the third quarter. Most panel manufacturers still operate at a loss in the Monitor panel product category. Therefore, it is currently anticipated that monitor panel prices in October will shift towards stability.

Notebook brand customers boosted their inventory momentum from the second quarter to the third quarter. However, as we enter the fourth quarter, and with actual demand from end-users remaining less than ideal, brand customers are showing an increasing trend in revising their panel demand downwards. Panel manufacturers are also finding it challenging to sustain the idea of pushing panel prices higher, which they had been doing over the past few months. In order to maintain customer relationships and ensure stable customer demand and orders, it is currently expected that notebook panel prices in October will also shift towards stability.