Desktops Thrive in Business, Gaming, and Creative Sectors

2023-09-08 Consumer Electronics editor

In the realm of specifications competition, desktop computers continue to possess numerous irreplaceable advantages. These include ease of upgrading, superior heat dissipation capabilities, and robust and durable construction, resulting in extended usage lifespans. As a result, desktop computers maintain a steadfast market demand. Due to the ease of component replacement in desktops, expandability remains a significant advantage for PC gamers. For creators and business professionals, desktop computers satisfy extensive external connectivity needs while offering superior heat dissipation. Furthermore, owing to the size limitations of laptops, desktop computers continue to provide a more comfortable user experience during prolonged usage.

Windows 10 Exit and Hardware Updates Set to Drive 2024 Upgrade Trend

In the latter half of 2022, brands and retailers aggressively cleared their inventories, a trend that continued into 2023, resulting in a sustained challenging period for the PC market. In recent years, the PC market has approached saturation, making it difficult to drive market growth through sheer quantity. Consequently, brand manufacturers have focused on business, gaming, and creator products. However, PCs inherently belong to a cyclical terminal market. With the Windows 10 operating system set to retire in October 2025 and Windows 11’s heightened hardware specifications requirements, products released before 2017 will require replacements. Additionally, it is anticipated that companies like Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA will gradually unveil new products in the latter half of 2023. This, coupled with the demands of the new operating system, is expected to trigger a noticeable upgrade trend among consumers, ultimately providing a glimmer of hope for the PC market. (Image credit: Unsplash_Alienwaregaming)