[News] Macbook Manufacturing Adds Another Supplier: Wingtec Makes the List

2023-08-22 Consumer Electronics editor

According to a report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily, the share of Chinese companies in Apple’s laptop manufacturing has expanded. After Luxshare secured assembly contracts for AirPods and iPhones, Chinese ODM Wingtec has commenced mass production of the 13-inch MacBook Air at its Kunming facility in Yunnan province, gradually eroding the historical market share of Taiwanese manufacturers like Foxconn and Quanta.

Both Foxconn and Quanta have exhibited relatively conservative stances towards the laptop market this quarter. Apple’s suppliers has typically refrained from commenting on competitor dynamics and single customer order trends. Quanta believes that the laptop market’s recovery is sluggish, with laptop shipments anticipated to decrease by 20% in the coming year. Additionally, the shift of certain Chromebook orders to an early June shipment date, coupled with a high base effect, is expected to result in a decline in the company’s laptop shipments this quarter.

On the other hand, at Foxconn, Chairman Young Liu previously stated that the company aimed to secure a larger market share in the personal computer (PC) segment. However, the decelerating momentum in the laptop industry demand is expected to persist into the latter half of the year. As a result, the third-quarter performance of the computer division is projected to remain on par with the second quarter while experiencing a decline compared to the same period last year.

Presently, Quanta is the largest assembly factory for Apple laptops, followed by Foxconn. According to China’s quality certification center, Wingtec has obtained a 3C quality certificate for its mass production of MacBook Air equipped with Apple’s M2 chip at the Kunming facility.

In the past, Apple’s MacBook Air product line was manufactured by both Foxconn and Quanta. Wingtec is the sole Chinese factory among Apple’s laptop manufacturers. Wingtec, known for its expertise in smartphone manufacturing, announced in April of this year that it secured Samsung’s 2023 smartphone and tablet ODM orders. In recent years, Wingtec has expanded its business scope to include semiconductors through acquisitions of automotive electronics firm Nexperia, successfully entering Apple’s supply chain.

Industry sources indicate that Apple is committed to diversifying MacBook laptop production to include various locations across China. Over the years, Apple has aimed to expand MacBook laptop production to more countries and companies. Analysts speculate that Apple’s ultimate plan is to allocate 55% of MacBook manufacturing to Quanta, 35% to Foxconn, and 10% to Wingtec.

(Photo credit: Apple)