DDR5 Spot Prices Rise, Other Memory Products Continue to Decline

2023-05-17 Semiconductors editor

According to the weekly memory spot price trends released by TrendForce, apart from a slight increase in the price of DDR5 chips due to shortages, the spot prices of other memory products continue to decline. The detailed situation is as follows:

DRAM Spot Market

Spot prices of DDR5 chips have risen slightly due to the frequent occurrence of quality-related issues and their impact on the overall supply of DDR5 products. As for the rest of DRAM products, their spot prices have returned to the trend of incremental daily decline. The overall transaction volume has yet to pick up. Some traders appear to be more willing to stock up, but there are no signs of a price rebound because the demand outlook is uncertain and supply is plentiful. The average spot price of mainstream chips (i.e., DDR4 1Gx8 2666MT/s) fell by 1.62% from US$1.603 last week to US$1.577 this week.

NAND Flash Spot Market

Purchase sentiment for spots is rather torpid this week, where the overall sufficient volume in the market is not received with buyer inquiries and aggressive transactions, which explains how prices are maintained on a slow reduction on the whole, and wafer prices are slowly falling to the level of contract prices. 512Gb TLC wafer has dropped by 0.07% in spot prices this week, arriving at US$1.430.