TV Panel Prices Are Expected to Continue to Rise in Early April

2023-04-07 Display TrendForce

Under the panel manufacturers’ ongoing strategy to control their operation rates and the growing demand for TV panels in the Chinese domestic market, TV panel prices are expected to continue to rise in April. However, there is a noticeable trend of first and second-tier brand customers disengaging, with second-tier brand customers having weaker bargaining power and mostly accepting the price increases.

While first-tier brand customers still have some room for negotiation, the overall trend of TV panel prices for all sizes remains unchanged. The price increases for the entire month of April are expected to be 1 USD for 32 inches, 3 USD for 43 inches, 6 USD for 50 inches, 7 USD for 55 inches, 13 USD for 65 inches, and 10 USD for 75 inches.

Since March, monitor panel prices have stabilized after a gradual decline. While demand for commercial models remains weak, there are signs of increased demand for consumer models, particularly for high-end gaming specifications, which is expected to keep monitor panel prices stable for all sizes this month.

As for notebook panels, first-tier brand customers’ cautious outlook on demand for the next quarter due to slow inventory clearance continues to suppress panel manufacturers’ ideas of raising prices. Therefore, it is expected that the prices will remain stable for the entire month of April. The key to whether prices can be raised in the future still depends on whether demand begins to significantly increase.