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TrendForce Says Prices of Certain LED Package Products Went Down Slightly in January, Suppliers Promote the Sales of Mid-power 3030 LEDs

8 February 2018 LED Terri Wang

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, reports that some high and mid-power LED package products in China's market witnessed slight price drop in January 2018 as suppliers were trying to clear inventory at the year end.

According to LEDinside analyst Terri Wang, high-power ceramic-substrate LEDs and mid-power 3030 package products both have slight price drop in January. With new products released and more promotions, the prices of mid-power 3030 package products may be lowered further after the Chinese New Year. On the other hand, the market share of high-power LED products is shrinking and current orders mainly come from existing customers, so the overall prices in high-power segment are expected to remain stable in the future. Manufacturers will rely on performance upgrade and efficiency improvement of products to maintain their market share.

In addition, under the increasingly fierce competition in LED packaging market for lighting products, major international manufacturers continue their efforts in the automotive LED market. LEDs used in headlamps have become diversified; Osram, Nichia and Seoul Semiconductor have all introduced single-chip LEDs for low beam application. Currently headlamp products available in the market use mostly two single-chip LEDs for low beam, and one 4-chip or 5-chip LED for high beam. Some products use three or four single-chip LEDs for low beam. Single-chip automotive LEDs are usually between 1W to 5W, with the minimum luminous flux of 80-300lm.

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