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TrendForce: Opple Top Lamp Manufacturer in China in Third Quarter

21 November 2014 LED Figo Wang

Major lighting brands in the China lighting market are active in the e-commerce market and expanding online channels, according to a new research report by LEDinside, a division of the Taiwan-based market intelligence firm TrendForce. Competition is fierce in the burgeoning China online market. The top four brands in terms of market share are Opple, NVC, Philips and Aozzo. 

Opple surpassed Philips for the first time in the third quarter this year in terms of lamp product sales, said Figo Wang, a senior research analyst at LEDinside. Opple has been leading in terms of luminaire sales since last year, Wang said, adding: “We can say that Opple is the top Chinese lighting brand.” 

Competition in China’s lamp market was intense during the third quarter. Both Yijixiguang and Cnlight increased their market share. However, Foshan Lighting, Delixi and Osram dropped compared to the quarter to June. Midea Lighting’s sales grew 14 times over the second quarter because of a major promotion it launched, offering 3W bulbs for 9.9 RMB. 

In addition, the luminaire market in China during the third quarter was stable. Major brands all increased sales. “Lighting manufacturers have more room to differentiate when the market is stable,” Wang said. “All brands have their niche. As long as they cultivate their respective market segments, they will not experience a sudden drop in sales.” 

Overall, Philips lost its top ranking in the China lamp market, falling to second place. Still, their luminaire sales rose 14%, the third best performance of any lighting vendor in the third quarter. “It is clear that Philips has shifted their focus from lamps to luminaires in the e-commerce market,” Wang said. 

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