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TrendForce:LED Bulb Retail Price Steadily Decline in October, Shipment Volume Anticipated to Exponentially Increase in 2014

25 November 2013 LED Terri Wang

According to market intelligence organization Trendforce's LEDinside division's newest LED bulb retail findings for October 2013, global 40W equiv LED bulb ASP dipped 2.3 percent to US $15.8 (NT $466), with price decline most evident in the UK region. Conversely, global 60W equiv LED bulb ASP rose slightly 1.2 percent to US $21.6.

ASP for 40W equiv and 60W equiv LED bulbs has already dropped down to US $10 in most regions, according to observations by LEDinside. Comparable prices with traditional energy saving bulbs have stimulated market demand. LEDinside forecasts 2014 LED lighting product shipment volume to reach 1.32 billion units, a growth of 68 percent from 2013. Shipment volume for replacement light source products such as LED bulbs is especially anticipated to increase, with companies such as IKEA already distributing LED bulbs in mass. Attitude towards LED lighting by traditional luminaire manufacturers such as Philips has become more aggressive. Spurred by various large lighting brand manufacturers and terminal channels, 2014 LED bulb shipment volume is anticipated to grow exponentially.

40W equiv. LED bulb price decline most evident in UK

Global 40W equiv. LED bulb ASP dipped 2.3 percent to US $15.8, with price decline most evident in the UK region. The lowest prices for 40W equiv. LED bulbs had already dropped below US $10 in all the surveyed regions during October.

UK price declined 11 percent and pre-existing product prices steadily decreased, with largest decline seen in Samsung and Osram. Price for 40W equiv LED bulb in UK dropped as low as US $8.1. U.S. ASP for October slid 5.7 percent. Pre-existing product prices steadily decreased and lowered prices for new items introduced this month. U.S. region 40W equiv LED bulb price dropped as low as US $9.


Global 60W equiv. LED bulb price fluctuates

Global 60W equiv. LED bulb ASP rose slightly 1.2 percent to US $21.6. With certain areas affected by exchange rate and ending of promotion for low-priced LED bulbs, 60W equiv LED bulb ASP increased slightly.


Price difference narrowed as the lowest prices of 40W equiv LED bulbs alldropped below US $10 in the surveyed regions

Price decrease in October for 40W equiv LED bulbs was more evident with brands from each region dropping prices below US $10, and narrowing different region products’ price gap, observed LEDinside. Price decrease was especially evident in UK where prices for certain pre-existing high priced items dipped and prices for already low priced items continued to drop. Osram, Samsung, and LG all have products that are priced close to US $10 in the UK region. In the U.S. region, aside from low priced bulbs launched by Cree and Walmart recently, Philips and Ecosmart have also released products priced below US $10 for a long time.

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