[News] India Eases Laptop and Tablet Import Restrictions, Relieving Dell, HP, and Apple

On August 3rd, India introduced a licensing regime for the import of laptops and tablets. However, it was swiftly postponed after facing criticism from the industry and the United States. The regime would have enabled the government to delay or reject import requests and required permits for each shipment.

In a recent development, the Indian government has decided to permit the unrestricted import of laptops and tablets and has initiated a new “authorization” system to monitor the shipment volumes of these devices without disrupting market supply.

Officials have announced that the new “Import Management System” will go into effect starting from November 1st, requiring companies to register their import quantities and values. This data will be used for monitoring purposes, although the government will not deny any import requests.

India’s Trade Secretary Sunil Barthwal announced during a press conference on Friday that there will be no restrictions placed on the import of laptops. He emphasized that the government’s intention is to closely monitor laptop importers rather than imposing restrictions.

This decision has come as a relief to global laptop manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo, who had been apprehensive since the announcement of the regime in August.

From April to August, India’s imports of electronic products and software, including laptops, tablets, and personal computers, amounted to $33.6 billion, marking an almost 8% growth compared to the previous year.

S. Krishnan, a senior official from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, stated that the objective is to “ensure that we have all the data and information we need to have a fully credible digital system.”

The India Cellular and Electronics Association (ICEA) has expressed deep appreciation for the government’s recent decision to maintain unrestricted imports of laptops and tablets.

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