[News] Rumors Circulate on ADI Issuing Price Increase Notice – Up to 20% Increase Starting February Next Year

Semiconductor manufacturers, after more than a year of destocking, are experiencing a recovery from the bottom of the market, and recently, there have been signs of price increases. Market sources reveal that Analog Devices Inc. (ADI), a major analog IC manufacturer, has recently issued a price increase notice to its Chinese distributors. The notice indicates an estimated price increase of 10% to 20%, set to take effect in February of the coming year.

According to reports compiled by Liberty Times Net, ADI stated in the price increase letter that the company places a high value on the reliability of stable component production. Therefore, it will not arbitrarily stop the production of components within a controllable range. To maintain a guaranteed supply for customers, the company will increase prices for certain older product lines to offset the cost pressures of sustaining production. If customers object to the price increase, ADI is committed to providing the best possible component replacement solutions.

According to industry sources, ADI’s price increase reflects the company’s optimistic outlook on the recovery of industry demand. On one hand, by increasing the prices of older products, ADI is expected to encourage customers to transition to new products.

In terms of ADI’s operations, ADI CEO Vincent Roche has previously stated in the company’s 2023 Q4 Earnings Call that, “Weakness in the industrial sector broadened and hit all the various market segments with 1 exception, the aerospace and defense area.”

Last month’s financial report from ADI revealed that, influenced by the still-high semiconductor inventory, the company’s fourth-quarter revenue decreased by 16% to USD 2.7 billion.

Within this, only automotive revenue showed positive growth, increasing by 14% to USD 730 million year-on-year, representing 27% of the overall revenue. Industrial revenue, accounting for approximately 50%, is the largest source of revenue, but in the fourth quarter, it experienced a 20% year-on-year decline to USD 1.35 billion.

For the entire fiscal year of 2023, ADI’s revenue reached USD 12.3 billion, a 2% increase compared to the previous year. This growth is attributed to record-breaking performances in the industrial and automotive sectors. The company’s Gross Margin increased by 5% to USD 7.8 billion, with a Gross Margin Percentage of 64%. Operating Income significantly rose by 17% to $3.8 billion, and the Operating Margin reached 31.1%.

(Photo credit: ADI)

Please note that this article cites information from Liberty Times Net and ADI

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