[News] Arm’s Former CEO Engages in RISV-V Market

2024-04-20 Semiconductors editor

According to a report from WeChat account “Chip_Inside,” Allen Wu (Wu Xiong’ang), the former CEO of Arm China, has returned to the chip industry and set his sights on the “archrival” of his former employer’s technology – RISC-V. Sources familiar with the matter indicated that many former Arm employees have joined his new company.

Industry sources cited in the same report revealed that a company named “Zhongzhi Chip (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.” is actively recruiting RISC-V professionals, and it is being spearheaded behind the scenes by Wu.

Related information indicates, founded on September 11, 2023, the company is a technology innovation company focusing on RISC-V processor IP and computing platform solutions. With a global team led by world-class chip experts, the company possesses top-tier IP technology development and commercialization experiences.

The industry media has not yet obtained accurate information about whether this new company is planning for independent research and development or acting as the Chinese agent for Tenstorrent, the company where Jim Keller serves as CEO. However, given the recruitment information released by the company, the latter situation is more likely to happen, despite no confirmation.

Said to be backed by abundant resources and shareholders with strong competence, the company has partnered with several stellar global RISC-V chip companies in technology, and works closely with numerous domestic industry leaders, which enable it to rapidly achieve scale growth in revenue and market cap.

The company insists on being a neutral IP company to empower the development of domestic technology applications and will make unremitting efforts to become an international benchmark in the processor IP industry.

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Please note that this article cites information from WeChat account “Chip_Inside”.