[News] China’s Third Big Fund Reportedly Set to Inject USD 27 Billion to Counter US Chip Restrictions

2024-03-11 Semiconductors editor

China is reportedly in the process of establishing its third-phase of its big fund, with plans to inject USD 27 billion in funding aimed at supporting top-tier technology development, as per Bloomberg’s report. The goal is said to be enhancing China’s semiconductor self-sufficiency and overcoming export restriction measures imposed by the United States.

According to Bloomberg, the funding for the third phase of Big Fund primarily originates from local governments, state-owned enterprises, and their investment branches, with relatively smaller contributions from the central government. This aligns with China’s strategic focus on concentrating resources to support the development of key technologies.

The initial round of financing for the third phase of Big Fund aims to raise USD 27 billion, which, in the context of China’s semiconductor industry standards, is a relatively modest amount. The fund will directly support local companies and finance three to four sub-funds, diversifying transaction sources and investment strategies.

The National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, commonly referred to as the “Big Fund,” originated from the Chinese State Council’s “Outline for the Promotion of National Integrated Circuit Industry Development” issued in June 2014. Its ultimate goal is to bring China’s semiconductor industry up to international standards by 2030 and nurture a group of companies to become international Tier 1 suppliers.

As early as September of 2023, the second phase of the Big Fund initiated a round of financing, raising USD 41 billion to support local fab equipment manufacturers. As for the third phase of the Big Fund, this USD 27 billion will be allocated to critical projects across various regions in China.

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Please note that this article cites information from Bloomberg.