[Insights] Memory Spot Price Update: DRAM Channel Demand Affects Upswing; NAND Flash Upswing to Narrow

2024-01-17 Semiconductors editor

According to the latest memory spot price trends released by TrendForce, the DRAM spot market is experiencing limited upswing due to poor channel demand, while the NAND Flash market is expected to enter a period of price stabilization, with the upswing also anticipated to converge. Details are as follows:

DRAM Spot Market:

In the spot market, Kingston has finally raised prices of DDR4 and DDR5 modules after a year without price hikes. However, Kingston has not raised prices significantly, and related transactions have been rather tepid. Currently, spot prices are converging on contract prices for DRAM modules. Since channel demand is not particularly strong, this round of price hikes is still limited. The average spot price of the mainstream DRAM chips (i.e., DDR4 1Gx8 2666MT/s) rose by 1.20% from US$1.833 last week to US$1.855 this week.

NAND Flash Spot Market:

The spot market, having undergone a significant price increment within a short span of time previously, has returned to its off-season demand after the dissipation of stocking momentum for year-end festivals, where orders for memory cards, USB flash drives, and SSD are lingering amidst sluggishness. The spot market, as projected by TrendForce, will be entering a price consolidation phase, followed by a subsidence in the increase of prices. 512Gb TLC wafer spots have risen by 2.28% this week, arriving at US$3.188.