[News] Nvidia CEO Visits Vietnam, Plans to Establish Chip R&D Base

2023-12-12 Semiconductors editor

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced on the 11th the company’s intention to deepen collaboration with high-tech companies in Vietnam, with a focus on fostering local expertise in AI and digital infrastructure development. Huang revealed plans to establish a chip center in Vietnam, as reported by Reuters.

According to documents released by the White House in September to enhance bilateral relations, Nvidia has invested USD 250 million in Vietnam. The company has strategically aligned with leading tech companies to implement AI technology in cloud computing, automotive, and healthcare industries.

This marks Huang’s first visit to Vietnam, where, during an event in Hanoi, he emphasized, “Vietnam is already our partner as we have millions of clients here.” He stated, “Vietnam and Nvidia will deepen our relations, with Viettel, FPT, Vingroup, VNG being the partners Nvidia looks to expand partnership with,” Huang said, adding Nvidia would support Vietnam’s artificial training and infrastructure.

Vietnam’s Minister of Planning and Investment, Chi Dung Nguyen, highlighted during the meeting on December 11th the country’s ongoing efforts to design mechanisms and incentives to attract investments in semiconductor and AI projects.

During his meeting with Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh on the 10th, Huang shared the vision of establishing an R&D center, emphasizing that “the base will be for attracting talent from around the world to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s semiconductor ecosystem and digitalization.” Subsequently, on the 11th, Nguyen Chi Dung extended an invitation for Nvidia to consider establishing an R&D base in the country.

On the 11th, Nvidia engaged in discussions with the Vietnamese government and local tech companies regarding semiconductor cooperation agreements. According to insiders, Nvidia may potentially reach a technology transfer agreement with at least one Vietnamese company.

Given the strained trade relations between China and the U.S., Vietnam’s technology and manufacturing sectors are presented with a significant opportunity. The government actively seeks to enhance chip design capabilities and explore avenues for establishing a viable chip manufacturing industry.

Vietnam already serves as a pivotal IC packaging hub for global chip manufacturers. For instance, Intel boasts that it has world’s largest IC packaging and testing facility, is situated in Vietnam. Despite temporary delays in the expansion of its Vietnamese factory due to power supply and bureaucratic challenges, Intel affirmed in a Reuters interview, “Vietnam will continue to be a critical part of our global manufacturing operations as demand for semiconductors grows.”

Furthermore, several chipmakers have recently set up or expanded production facilities in Vietnam. Major OSAT provider Amkor commenced operations at its new USD 1.6 billion IC packaging plant in Yen Phong 2C Industrial Park, Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam, in October this year. A month earlier, Samsung’s OSAT partner, Hana Micron, announced the inauguration of its USD 600 million IC packaging plant in Bac Giang Province.

Please note that this article cites information from Reuters 

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