[News] TSMC President Highlights 2024 Semiconductor Challenges While Envisioning Abundant AI Opportunities

2023-12-08 Semiconductors editor

On the 7th, TSMC convened the 2023 Supply Chain Management Forum, C.C. Wei, President of TSMC, acknowledging persistent inflationary pressures, remains optimistic about 2024. He also cited the rapid growth of AI applications as a key driver of opportunities, reported by CTEE.

Wei addressed the pivotal role of semiconductors in AI development. Looking ahead, the focus extends to continual AI technology advancement and computational power enhancement, with a parallel emphasis on energy consumption reduction. Given projections of AI computational demand tripling in the next 2 years, addressing energy efficiency becomes paramount.

To meet escalating AI computational needs, Wei highlighted the imperative to develop technologies balancing high performance with effective power control. TSMC commits to providing ample production capacity to meet end-user demands while sustaining cost-efficiency.

Global supply chain resilience amid challenges from society, economy, and geopolitics. Collaborating with partners. TSMC navigates 3nm, advanced and specialty processes for capacity expansions, R&D for 2nm and beyond, and global production plans. The company aims to lead through cutting-edge technology and top-notch manufacturing services, fostering innovation for customers.

Apart from the insightful speech, Wei also presented the 2023 Excellent Performance Award during the forum. It recognized suppliers’ performance in technology collaboration, global production support, green manufacturing, fab construction management, production capacity, quality control and other categories. Companies like Applied Materials, ASM International, KLA, Lam Research, TOKYO ELECTRON LIMITED and others.

Please note that this article cites information from CTEE and TSMC.

(Image: TSMC)