[Insights] Early-December Price Update: All Panel Prices Soften Amid Slowdown Demand

2023-12-05 Consumer Electronics / Display editor

The latest panel price update from TrendForce in early December indicates that prices for TV, notebook, and monitor panels will all decline this month due to the continued weakening of end-user demand. Detailed analysis is as follows:

  • TV Panel

Entering the fourth quarter, including promotions on Double Eleven and Black Friday, the results have been less than satisfactory. As a result, brands continue to revise down their demand for TV panels.

Panel manufacturers are responding to the declining demand by consistently reducing production, and the extent of production cuts continues to expand. This strategy aims to slow down the pace of price decline.

It is currently anticipated that the price decline for TV panels in December will slightly widen. Prices are expected to drop by USD 2 dollars for 32″ and 43″, USD 3 dollars for 50″ and 55″, and USD 4 dollars for 65″ and 75″.

  • MNT Panel

As for monitor panels, demand has noticeably weakened since the fourth quarter. However, in the past few months, price declines have been observed only in high-end models.

Nevertheless, with some panel manufacturers leading the way by adopting a softer stance on mainstream panel prices, a downward trend in mainstream panel prices has emerged in December.

Currently, the expected decline for December is as follows: a decrease of USD 0.2 dollars for 23.8″ Open Cell panels, and a decrease of USD 0.1 dollars for 21.5″, 23.8″, and 27″.

  • NB Panel

As for notebook panels, demand has similarly experienced a noticeable decline starting from the fourth quarter, with a trend of continuous downward revisions month by month.

Under the pressure of a sudden drop in demand, there is a growing noise demanding a decline in panel prices. In the past one or two months, panel manufacturers have mostly made concessions in higher-end specifications and 16:10 models to maintain the stability of mainstream 16:9 model prices.

However, it is expected that panel manufacturers may find it challenging to resist brand pressure this month, and the panel prices for mainstream FHD IPS models are anticipated to see a slight decrease of USD 0.1 dollar.

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