[News] Samsung Reportedly Initiates Price Increase for CIS

2023-11-30 Semiconductors editor

According to the Economic Daily News’ report, industry sources indicate that Samsung, a major supplier of CIS, has issued a price increase notice to customers on November 29th, projecting an average price increase of up to 25% in the first quarter of next year.

The individual product lines may see an even higher increase, reaching levels of up to 30%, primarily in specifications with 32 million pixels and above. This suggests that the CIS market is poised for a new cycle of price increases.

Previously, the CIS market was impacted by subdued demand in the consumer market, leading to a decline in market prices and making CIS one of the first component to experience price declines. However, entering the latter half of this year, the demand for smart devices, particularly in the smartphone market, has started to recover comprehensively.

This is driven by strong procurement efforts from Chinese smartphone brands, significantly boosting inventory demand and becoming the catalyst for the rapid clearance of CIS inventory.

(Photo credit: Samsung)