[News] Tech Giants Launch AI Arms Race, Aiming to Spark a Wave of Smartphone and Computer Upgrades

2023-11-21 Consumer Electronics editor

According to CNA’s news, the potential business opportunities in artificial intelligence have spurred major tech giants, with NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, MediaTek, and Qualcomm sequentially launching products featuring the latest AI capabilities.

This AI arms race has expanded its battleground from servers to smartphones and laptops, as companies hope that the infusion of AI will inject vitality into mature markets.

Generative AI is experiencing robust development, with MediaTek considering this year as the “Generative AI Year.” They anticipate a potential paradigm shift in the IC design industry, contributing to increased productivity and significantly impacting IC products.

This not only brings forth new applications but also propels the demand for new algorithms and computational processors.

MediaTek and Qualcomm recently introduced their flagship 5G generative AI mobile chips, the Dimensity 9300 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, respectively. The Dimensity 9300, integrated with the built-in APU 790, enables faster and more secure edge AI computing, capable of generating images within 1 second.

MediaTek points out that the smartphone industry is experiencing a gradual growth slowdown, and generative AI is expected to provide new services, potentially stimulating a new wave of consumer demand growth. Smartphones equipped with the Dimensity 9300 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 are set to be released gradually by the end of this year.

Targeting the AI personal computer (PC) market, Intel is set to launch the Meteor Lake processor on December 14. Two major computer brands, Acer and ASUS, are both customers for Intel’s AI PC.

High-speed transmission interface chip manufacturer Parade and network communication chip manufacturer Realtek are optimistic. The integration of AI features into personal computers and laptops is expected to stimulate demand for upgrades, leading to a potential increase in PC shipments next year.

In TrendForces’ report on November 8th, it has indicated that the emerging market for AI PCs does not have a clear definition at present, but due to the high costs of upgrading both software and hardware associated with AI PCs, early development will be focused on high-end business users and content creators.

For consumers, current PCs offer a range of cloud AI applications sufficient for daily life and entertainment needs. However, without the emergence of a groundbreaking AI application in the short term to significantly enhance the AI experience, it will be challenging to rapidly boost the adoption of consumer AI PCs.

For the average consumer, with disposable income becoming increasingly tight, the prospect of purchasing an expensive, non-essential computer is likely wishful thinking on the part of suppliers. Nevertheless, looking to the long term, the potential development of more diverse AI tools—along with a price reduction—may still lead to a higher adoption rate of consumer AI PCs.

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(Image: Qualcomm)