[Insights] Global Data Centers Surge in 2023 and the Rise of Green DCs Development

2023-11-16 Energy / Semiconductors editor

A global surge in data center expansion is observed in 2023, emphasizing a notable trend in the rise of Green Data Centers (Green DCs). Major players embarking on the construction of large-scale data centers encounter challenges. Power constraints affecting capacity growth, mounting pressure to enhance IT efficiency, combined with the continual increase in energy costs, amplify operational and construction difficulties in data centers.

TrendForce’s Insights:

1. Prioritizing energy efficiency and conservation in data centers

Modern enterprises heavily rely on data centers, but the associated energy costs are substantial. The market is expected to grow by over 25% from 2023 to 2030. Current strategies for improving energy efficiency encompass (1) reducing the energy consumption of IT equipment, (2) minimizing losses in distribution devices and uninterruptible power supplies, (3) implementing airflow management to optimize cooling, and (4) optimizing cooling and humidification systems through Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

2. Global shift to net-zero carbon emissions and the rise of low-carbon Green DCs

The construction of Green DCs with lower carbon is becoming a pivotal approach for major players, especially in the design of IT infrastructure for server rooms. This includes components such as network routers, switches, storage systems, firewalls, server racks, and redundant power supplies, all of which are subject to energy-saving requirements.

Key practices involve adopting liquid cooling and energy-efficient core IT equipment to achieve improved energy efficiency. Certification standards, such as Green Mark DC Platinum Certification, play a crucial role. The TIA-942 standard, by TIA and ANSI, distinguishing data centers into Tiers I through IV, often requires compliance with certifications like ISO 20000 and ISO 27001. Additionally, the international standard ISO/IEC 22237 lays the groundwork for globally planning, constructing, and operating data centers based on shared principles in the future.
(Image: TIA)