[News] Taiwan’s $30 Billion “Chip-Driven Industrial Innovation Program” Annually Set to Garner Global Interest and Collaboration

2023-11-03 Semiconductors editor

According to UDN’s report, the Taiwanese government has introduced the “Taiwan Chip-Driven Industrial Innovation Program,” an investment of NT$300 billion with an annual average of NT$30 billion.  On October 2, Executive Yuan Commissioner Tsung Tsong Wu and Chairperson of the National Science Council revealed that this program welcomes foreign participation but will consider prerequisites such as competition with local talent.

When asked about what attracts international startups to Taiwan, Tsung Tsong Wu emphasized that while the $30 billion investment over a decade is significant, Taiwan’s strength lies in its complete industry ecosystem, covering everything from IC design and manufacturing to packaging and testing.

The government and private sector collaborate to achieve the best results, making international startups and chip designers eager to come to Taiwan. The aim is to turn Taiwan into the global destination for related industries’ dreams.

The National Science Council presented the “Taiwan Chip-Driven Industrial Innovation Program” to the Executive Yuan on October 2. Tsung Tsong Wu explained that out of next year’s $12 billion technology budget, approximately $4 billion will be allocated to generating AI-driven innovations across all industries, attracting international investments, and supporting startups. Additionally, around $8 billion will be dedicated to strengthening talent development and advancing towards cutting-edge processes.

While the initial investment for the first year of the “Taiwan Chip-Driven Industrial Innovation Program” is $1.2 billion, critics have raised concerns about its insufficiency. The National Science Council clarified that although the initial investment is relatively low, the budget allocated will increase from 2025 onwards, adapting to the evolving economic landscape.

Tsung Tsong Wu emphasized that the program encompasses both advanced and mature processes. While Taiwan is perceived to have an advantage in advanced processes, many mature processes, such as 3DIC, are vital for future industry innovations.

(Photo Credit: TSMC)