[News] GIGABYTE Aims for Over NT$100 Billion Revenue, Doubles Server Performance This Year  

2023-11-02 Semiconductors editor

GIGABYTE held an online earning call on November 1st, during which General Manager Etay Lee expressed optimism about the company’s performance. The growth momentum in server and motherboard sectors remains robust, allowing GIGABYTE to potentially reach the significant milestone of NT$100 billion in annual revenue ahead of schedule. Additionally, the company is increasing its server revenue contribution this year, aiming for a remarkable double-digit growth.

As reported by Anue, Lee focused on the server sector, noting that the third quarter demonstrated impressive server revenue, and this momentum is expected to continue into the fourth quarter. The company is poised for high double-digit revenue growth in the server sector this year, with the ambition to challenge triple-digit growth. These developments have led to an upward revision of the annual revenue target.

Etay Lee emphasized the current high demand for AI servers, with a majority being shipped as units or racks. These include high quality networking, high efficiency storage, and High Performance Computing (HPC) integration. The increased components in AI server systems has led to a boost in revenue and gross profit; however, there is a slight decrease in the gross profit margin.

Regarding the expanded chip ban controls imposed by the United States, Lee clarified that GIGABYTE’s AI server products have a limited presence in the Chinese market, thereby minimizing the impact of these restrictions. Furthermore, in regions such as the Middle East and Vietnam where approvals are required, the company will also submit applications, and the overall impact is minimal.

In terms of graphics cards, GIGABYTE reported that inventory adjustments are completed, and channels have returned to normal levels. This, coupled with competitive pricing for the company’s main products, the 4060Ti and 4070, has generated strong demand starting from late in the third quarter. Notably, the European and American regions have witnessed a resurgence in growth, with demand surpassing that of the Asia-Pacific region.