[News] Nissan Unveils Advanced Solid-State Battery Technology at Tokyo Motor Show

2023-10-30 Emerging Technologies editor

The Tokyo Motor Show, which recently opened in Japan, has garnered global attention from the automotive industry, particularly regarding EV technology, seen as the future of the automotive sector. Just like Toyota, a leader in the Japanese automotive industry, Nissan has showcased its ongoing development of Advanced Solid-State Battery (ASSB) technology at the event.

According to Nissan, the ASSB technology promises to provide double the energy density when compared to conventional liquid lithium-ion batteries, representing a significant milestone in battery innovation. Additionally, it is estimated that vehicles equipped with ASSB will experience a substantial reduction in charging times, taking only one-third of the current duration.

This development aims to address one of the fundamental challenges faced by EV users, making longer trips more convenient and practical while enhancing their overall confidence and enjoyment in electric vehicle ownership.

Kazuhiro Doi, Vice President of Nissan’s research division, believes that this technology could propel Nissan’s next generation of electric vehicles to a new level.

What’s particularly intriguing is that sports cars or supercars can utilize smaller and lighter battery packs, thereby improving handling, braking, and acceleration. Furthermore, according to Mydrivers, since ASSB batteries can operate normally in the range of room temperature to 100°C, they do not require a dedicated cooling system.

Currently, the ASSB technology is progressing according to Nissan’s previously announced plan. The first experimental production facility is still scheduled to commence operations next year, and the first mass-produced vehicle model utilizing ASSB technology is still expected to be launched in 2028.

(Photo credit: Nissan’s Facebook)