[News] Taiwanese Manufacturer, Compeq, Benefits The Most from Huawei’s High-End Smartphone

2023-09-14 Consumer Electronics editor

Report to the media, China Times the analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, from TF International pointed out that demand for the Huawei Mate 60 Pro exceeded expectations, leading to a 20% increase in shipments in the second half of 2023, reaching 6 million units. In 2024, Huawei is set to launch new high-end phones in the P series and Mate series, with procurement reaching a scale of 30 to 40 million units.

Kuo emphasized that Taiwanese manufacturer COMPEQ will experience revenue growth thanks to Huawei’s high-end phones and Amazon’s AI servers.

Due to the Huawei Mate 60 Pro’s adoption of a 12-layer anylayer HDI motherboard, COMPEQ’s production yield is better, accounting for approximately 50% to 60% of shipments, significantly higher than the second supplier, Founder Technology.

It is expected that COMPEQ will be the largest motherboard supplier for Huawei’s new high-end P and Mate series in 2024, with contributions from Huawei’s high-end phones projected to grow by at least 150% to 200% in 2024.

COMPEQ will also enter the AI server market in 2024, becoming a long-term growth driver for the company. If successful, Amazon/AWS will be one of COMPEQ’s key customers for AI servers in 2024. (Image credit: Huawei)