[News] Foxconn Secures Major NVIDIA Order, Leads in AI Chip Base Boards

2023-08-15 Semiconductors editor

According to a report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily, Foxconn Group has achieved another triumph in its AI endeavors. The company has secured orders for over 50% of NVIDIA’s HGX GPU base boards, marking the first instance of such an achievement. Adding to this success, Foxconn had previously acquired an order for another NVIDIA DGX GPU base board, solidifying its pivotal role in NVIDIA’s two most crucial AI chip base board orders.

The report highlights that in terms of supply chain source, Foxconn Group stands as the exclusive provider of NVIDIA’s AI chip modules (GPU Modules). As for NVIDIA’s AI motherboards, the suppliers encompass Foxconn, Quanta, Inventec, and Super Micro.

Industry experts analyze that DGX and HGX are currently NVIDIA’s two most essential AI servers, and Foxconn Group has undertaken the monumental task of fulfilling the large order for NVIDIA’s AI chipboards through its subsidiary, Foxconn Industrial Internet (FII). Having previously secured orders for NVIDIA’s DGX base boards, Foxconn Group has now garnered additional orders from FII for the HGX base boards. This expanded supply constitutes more than half of the total, solidifying Foxconn Group’s role as a primary supplier for NVIDIA’s two critical AI chip base board orders.

Furthermore, Foxconn’s involvement doesn’t end with AI chip modules, base boards, and motherboards. The company’s engagement extends downstream to servers and server cabinets, creating a vertically integrated approach that covers the entire AI ecosystem.

(Photo credit: Nvidia)