China’s Auto Price War: Samsung MLCC Dominates Chinese Orders with Low Prices

China’s Automotive Price War Rages On: Some automakers have been gradually reclaiming outsourced orders for the battery, motor, electronic control system since May and June, shifting towards in-house production. Recently, they have asked suppliers to requote for second-half orders, with Samsung, Murata, Taiyo Yuden, PSA and Yageo actively vying for contracts.

Due to the more stringent certifications in the automakers’ supply chain compared to tier 1 suppliers, the majority of battery, motor, electronic control system MLCC suppliers still come from Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. Among them, Korean manufacturer Samsung has made significant progress in the Chinese automotive market this year. They have been actively providing sample for certifications and competitive pricing, securing a large share of orders and displacing Japanese manufacturers Murata and TDK, who had long held the lead.

Ongoing negotiations between automakers are expected to conclude with finalized orders by the end of August. According to the channel check from TrendForce, it appears that Samsung will maintain its leading position with a low-price strategy, while Murata, unwilling to be drawn into a price war reminiscent of consumer electronics, will remain conservative with pricing to secure a substantial market share. Taiyo Yuden, PSA and Yageo, though limited in automotive product offerings, have been proactive in their bidding efforts and have secured several orders.

(Photo credit: Yageo)