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Top 10 Trends in Information and Communication Technology Industry for 2019

TrendForce provides predictions of the information and communication technology industry for 2019, focusing on 10 key themes.

【Top 1】The memory industry will show acceleration and evolution, driven by next-generation products and advanced die-stacking technology

【Top 2】Commercial 5G to rollout in 2019

【Top 3】Smartphone specs to be upgraded, foldable and 5G smartphones to be launched in 2019

【Top 4】Under-display fingerprint sensor to be embedded in mid and high-end smartphones

【Top 5】Mini LED making its way into displays of consumer electronics

【Top 6】More applications to enable voice interaction, opening up new opportunities

【Top 7】eSIM to provide added value to smartwatches, driving the market growth

【Top 8】A key year for IoT with intensified competition

【Top 9】New technologies to change the landscape of healthcare industry

【Top 10】Smart grid, energy management and energy storage system to be keys of global photovoltaic market

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