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Top 10 Trends in Information and Communication Technology Industry for 2020

TrendForce provides predictions of the information and communication technology industry for 2020, focusing on 10 key themes.

【Top 1】Demand from AI, 5G, and automotive will push back against headwinds in the global semiconductor market

【Top 2】Development of DRAM will advance toward EUV and DDR5/LPDDR5; NAND Flash stacking will surpass 100 layers

【Top 3】The range of 5G commercialized solutions expands, and more hardware devices to be debuted

【Top 4】Market penetration of 5G smartphones will surpass 15%, and Chinese brands will account for more than half of the total pro

【Top 5】High refresh rate mobile phone panel demand increases, and tablet becomes Mini LED and OLED new battleground

【Top 6】Micro LED will open up a new blue ocean in the oversupplied display industry

【Top 7】Adoption growth of 3D modules based on ToF solutions will benefit the development of AR applications

【Top 8】Sensing capabilities and algorithms are the keys to add value to the IoT

【Top 9】The race to commercialize self-driving intensifies, more business models to be explored

【Top 10】Solar modules’ price performance rules as standardized end products fade into history

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