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Demand for NVIDIA’s Blackwell Platform Expected to Boost TSMC’s CoWoS Total Capacity by Over 150% in 2024, Says TrendForce

16 April 2024

However, the GH200 accounted for only approximately 5% of NVIDIA’s high-end GPU shipments. The supply chain has high expectations for the GB200, with projections suggesting that its shipments could exceed millions of units by 2025, potentially making up nearly 40 to 50% of NVIDIA’s high-end GPU market.

Rebound in March Lithium Prices Supports Steady Prices for EV Batteries; Price Pressures Persist Despite Anticipated Demand Increase in Q2, Says TrendForce

12 April 2024

This uptick in raw material costs has provided a solid foundation for EV battery prices in China to hold steady, with notable stability observed across various battery types, including square ternary, square LFP, and pouch-type ternary EV batteries, which posted average prices of CNY 0.48/Wh, 0.42/Wh, and 0.50/Wh, respectively.

DRAM Manufacturers Gradually Resume Production, Impact on Total Q2 DRAM Output Estimated to Be Less Than 1%, Says TrendForce

10 April 2024

Following in the wake of an earthquake that struck on April 3rd, TrendForce undertook an in-depth analysis of its effects on the DRAM industry, uncovering a sector that has shown remarkable resilience and faced minimal interruptions. Despite some damage and the necessity for inspections or disposal of wafers among suppliers, the facilities’ strong earthquake preparedness of the facilities has kept the overall impact to a minimum.

U.S. Updates Advanced Semiconductor Ban, Actual Impact on the Industry Will Be Insignificant, Says TrendForce

9 April 2024

These new regulations, which took effect on April 4th, are designed to prevent certain countries and businesses from circumventing U.S. restrictions to access sensitive chip technologies and equipment. Despite these tighter controls, TrendForce believes the practical impact on the industry will be minimal.

Post-Earthquake Survey Update: Taiwan's Wafer Foundry and DRAM Production Unaffected, Says TrendForce

4 April 2024

TrendForce has provided an update on the dynamics of Taiwan's semiconductor factories following the earthquake on April 3rd. Most wafer foundries were situated in areas that experienced a Level 4 intensity shake. Owing to the high-spec construction standards of Taiwan's semiconductor factories, which feature world-class seismic mitigation measures capable of reducing seismic impacts by 1 to 2 levels, the facilities were largely able to resume operations after inspection shutdowns quickly. Even though there were instances of wafer breakages or damages due to emergency shutdowns or earthquake damages, the capacity utilization rates of mature process factories—averaging between 50–80%—meant that losses were quickly recovered after operations resumed, resulting in only minor impacts on capacity.

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