[News] NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Meets with TSMC Executives in Taiwan, Addressing the Significant AI Chip Shortage

2024-01-26 Semiconductors editor

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang stated on January 25th that the current phase marks the beginning of AI expansion and growth. He emphasized that AI is set to transform everything and be omnipresent in the future. However, the most significant challenge at present is the ongoing tight supply of AI chips.

According to a report from Economic Daily News, Huang, who recently visited Taiwan, shared his thoughts during an interview before attending the NVIDIA Taiwan branch’s year-end banquet.

He revealed that during his trip to Taiwan, he had meetings with TSMC’s founder couple, Morris and Sophie Chang, as well as with CEO C.C. Wei, his semiconductor manufacturing partner. During the discussion, Huang and Wei talked about the substantial demand for NVIDIA’s products and the necessary collaborative efforts with TSMC to address market needs.

Regarding the challenges facing AI development, Jensen Huang believes that one key challenge lies in expanding the production capacity of AI chips. While there is a tight supply of NVIDIA products, the demand is incredibly strong. 

As a result, NVIDIA actively collaborates with TSMC and other supply chain partners to meet this demand. The company continues to advance AI technology while also paying attention to related security issues.

When discussing the major trends in AI, Jensen Huang pointed out that the development of AI can help rejuvenate the computer industry. He further indicated that AI will operate in smartphones, computers, robots, automobiles, as well as in the cloud and data centers. Huang emphasized that NVIDIA is a pioneer in accelerating computation and AI computing, and in the next decade, he envisions a reshaping of computation, with every industry being impacted.

Before Huang’s visit to Taiwan, Huang also went to China recently, which is seen as an effort to alleviate concerns among customers about adopting the downgraded versions

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Please note that this article cites information from Economic Daily News.