[Insights] Due to Year-End Sluggish Demand, Spot Prices Hover for DRAM and NAND Flash

2023-12-20 Semiconductors editor

Affected by the year-end and relatively sluggish demand, spot prices of DRAM and NAND Flash have shown a hovering trend this week. Details are as follows:

DRAM Spot Market:

With the year ending, some DRAM suppliers have released more their existing stocks into the spot market in order to lower their inventories further. As a result, spot prices of DRAM chips on the whole have fallen slightly. Currently, spot prices are still mostly hovering because buyers have yet to increase procurement quantities despite the rally of contract prices. The average spot price of the mainstream chips (i.e., DDR4 1Gx8 2666MT/s) rose by 0.11% from US$1.745 last week to US$1.747 this week.

NAND Flash Spot Market:

The spot market, bearing resemblances to that of DRAM, lacks drivers for a continuous increase in prices due to buyers’ stagnated purchase sentiment at the end of the year. Fortunately, the market is currently at a price correction phase as provision remains exceedingly restricted among suppliers due to their unchanged reluctance in sales. 512Gb TLC wafer spots have risen by 1.62% this week, arriving at US$3.075.