[News] SEMICON Japan Kicks Off, Global Attention on Japan’s Semiconductor Revitalization

2023-12-14 Semiconductors editor

SEMICON Japan, commenced on the 13th, with key participants including Rapidus, tasked with revitalizing advanced semiconductor manufacturing in Japan, major equipment manufacturers Advantest, Japanese material giants Kyocera, Sekisui Chemical, and the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ).

The event featured grand exhibits and keynote speeches from top executives of Intel, Applied Materials, and Sony, drawing global participation from semiconductor industry stakeholders.

This year, SEMICON Japan centered its theme around “Accelerate the Future. Shape the Next Era,” conveying the vision of advancing society into a new stage with semiconductors that boast higher performance, lower costs, and increased production volumes, contributing to sustainable development.

Also, spurred by the development of generative AI, many exhibitors this year showcased AI, high-speed computing, and high-performance technologies, highlighting a range of technology for artificial intelligence applications and 3D chip packaging.

Advantest, for instance, exhibited its latest equipment developed for the testing of AI and HPC chips, while Rapidus, currently engaged in the development of 2-nanometer technology, presented developments in small chips and other advanced technologies to event attendees.

Despite challenges such as a surge in semiconductor inventory and sluggish end demand causing the industry’s downward cycle this year, Ajit Manocha, President and CEO of SEMI, states that the semiconductor market is cyclical, foreseeing a turning point toward recovery in 2024 and anticipating increased demand for production capacity, new fab constructions, and advanced technologies and solutions in 2025. With this growth, a robust recovery is expected.

On another front, the Japanese government is steadfast in revitalizing the semiconductor industry, making the Japanese market a global focal point. This commitment has once again drawn exhibitors and participants from around the world to SEMICON Japan this year, with organizers expecting attendance to surpass last year, reaching 70,000 participants.