[News] Lenovo’s AI PC and ‘AI Twins’ Unveiled, Market Entry Expected After September

2023-10-25 Emerging Technologies editor

At Global Tech World Event on October 24th, Lenovo Group’s Chairman and CEO, Yuanqing Yang, has presented AI-powered PCs and enterprise-level “AI Twins”(AI assistant) to a global audience, heralding a new dawn for personal computers. He revealed that AI PCs are slated to hit the market no sooner than September of the following year.

Yang said that the journey of AI PCs involves a maturation process. Historically, they start with a 10% market share but are destined to become the norm, envisioning a future where every computer is an AI PC.

Regarding foundation models, Yang pointed out that some companies are hastily jumping on the bandwagon. However, he emphasized Lenovo’s commitment to not rush into trends and noted the drawbacks and vulnerabilities in China’s existing public foundation models, including concerns about personal privacy and data security. Lenovo’s focus is on establishing hybrid foundation models.

Given the need to compress models for device deployment, Lenovo is currently concentrating on research related to domain-adaptive model fine-tuning, lightweight model compression, and privacy protection techniques.

Moreover, Yang highlighted Lenovo’s prior announcement of a US$1 billion investment in the AI Innovation over the next three years. However, he clarified that this amount falls short of the financial demands since virtually all of Lenovo’s business domains involve AI and fundamental services, requiring substantial financial backing.

Lenovo’s Q1 earnings report from mid-August had unveiled the company’s plan to allocate an additional $1 billion over the next three years for expediting AI technology and applications. This encompasses the development of AI devices, AI infrastructure, and the integration of generative AI technologies like AIGC into industry vertical solutions.

Besides, chip manufacturers like Intel is joining forces to expedite the development of the AI PC ecosystem. Their objective is to realize AI applications on over 100 million personal computers by 2025. This endeavor has piqued the interest of well-known international brands like Acer, Asus, HP, and Dell, all of which have a positive outlook on the potential of AI-powered PCs. It is anticipated that AI PCs will be a pivotal factor in revitalizing the PC industry’s annual growth by 2024.

Currently, there are no brands selling AI PCs in the true sense, but leading manufacturers have already revealed their plans for related products. The industry anticipates a substantial release of AI PCs in 2024.

(Image: Lenovo)