[News] AMD Closes In on NVIDIA, Securing Major Deals with Oracle and IBM

2023-10-24 Semiconductors editor

As Jiwei reported, AMD, although trailing NVIDIA in AI, has recently clinched significant deals, earning the trust of two major clients, Oracle and IBM. Oracle plans to integrate AMD’s Instinct MI300X AI chips into their cloud services, complemented by HPC GPUs. Additionally, as per insights from Ming-Chi Kuo, TF International Securities analyst, IBM is set to leverage AMD’s Xilinx FPGA solutions to handle artificial intelligence workloads.

Oracle’s extensive cloud computing infrastructure faces challenges due to a shortage of NVIDIA GPUs. Nonetheless, Oracle maintains an optimistic outlook. They aim to expand the deployment of the H100 chip by 2024 while considering AMD’s Instinct MI300X as a viable alternative. Oracle has decided to postpone the application of their in-house chips, a project with a multi-year timeline. Instead, they are shifting their focus to AMD’s high-performance AI chip, the MI300X, well-regarded for its impressive capabilities.

Reports indicate that Oracle intends to introduce these processor chips into their infrastructure in early 2024.

Similarly, IBM is exploring chip options beyond NVIDIA. Their new AI inference platform relies on NeuReality’s NR1 chip, manufactured on TSMC’s 7nm process. AMD plays a pivotal role in NeuReality’s AI solution by providing the essential FPGA chips. Foxconn is gearing up for AI server production using this technology in the Q4 2023.

Guo also pointed out that, although Nvidia remains the dominant AI chip manufacturer in 2024, AMD strengthens partnerships with platform service providers/CSPs like Microsoft and Amazon while acquiring companies like This positions AMD to potentially narrow the AI gap with Nvidia starting in 2025. This collaboration also affirms that AMD remains unaffected by the updated U.S. ban on shipping AI chips to China.

(Image: AMD)