[News] China’s Tax Authorities and Natural Resource Departments Conduct Inspections on Key Foxconn Enterprises

2023-10-23 Consumer Electronics editor

China’s media, Global Times, reported yesterday that China’s tax authorities recently conducted tax inspections on key enterprises of Foxconn in Guangdong and Jiangsu. Meanwhile, the natural resources department conducted on-site investigations into the land usage of Foxconn’s key enterprises in Henan and Hubei.

The Chinese authorities’ actions in auditing taxes and land usage for Foxconn have raised significant concerns in Taiwan’s business community and the tech industry.

Foxconn Group released an official statement yesterday, emphasizing their commitment to legal and compliant practices as fundamental principles in all of their global operations. They also stated their active cooperation with relevant agencies’ operations. Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has already been in contact with Foxconn and has offered assistance as necessary.

The Chinese authorities released information regarding their investigation into multiple Foxconn enterprises across China through state media but did not specify the reasons behind these tax and land usage inspections. The investigation results have also not been made public.

(Photo credit: Foxconn’s Stream)