[News] Google to Begin Manufacturing Pixel 8 Series in India, Following their Notebook Production Path

2023-10-20 Consumer Electronics editor

Google is set to follow the lead of industry giants like Apple and Samsung by manufacturing its Pixel 8 series smartphones in India, with plans to supply the market starting in 2024.

“Today we see an even greater opportunity to make Pixel smartphones available to more people in India, and are very excited to announce our plan to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India. We intend to start with the Pixel 8, and will partner with international and domestic manufacturers to produce Pixel smartphones locally. We expect these devices to start to roll out in 2024, joining India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative,” said Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of Devices and Services at Google, emphasizing the significant opportunity for Google in serving Indian consumers with Pixel phones.

However, Google has not disclosed specific production quantities or the proportion of Pixel phones that will be manufactured in India, nor have they revealed information about their manufacturing partners’ factory locations.

According to insiders, India’s largest contract manufacturing company, Dixon Technologies, and Foxconn’s Indian subsidiary are among the competitors in this effort to produce Pixel phones.

Under the policies promoted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has attracted increased investments from Apple. This year, Apple has not only opened two Apple-owned stores in India but has also moved more of its iPhone production from China to India. The recently launched iPhone 15 is the first iPhone manufactured in India.

A majority of Samsung smartphones sold in India are produced at Samsung’s Noida facility, the largest smartphone manufacturing plant globally, which manufactures the Galaxy A and M series. With the introduction of the Galaxy S23 series earlier this year, Samsung has also confirmed that the Galaxy S23 series for the Indian market will be produced locally. In addition to Apple and Samsung, Chinese Android smartphone manufacturers have also established partnerships with local Indian manufacturers.

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(Photo credit: Pixabay)