[News] Chinese Firms Rise in iPhone Supply Chain, Enter New Optical Component Line

2023-09-18 Consumer Electronics editor

According to a report by Taiwan’s Central News Agency, the Apple iPhone 15 series has made its debut, and analysts have examined the supply chain, highlighting the increasing penetration of Chinese manufacturers in key components such as packaging modules, back glass, batteries, USB-C ports, acoustic components, wireless charging, and assembly. The role of Chinese manufacturers in critical optical components, including prisms, is particularly noteworthy.

Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 15 series, drawing market attention to the status of component suppliers, especially the progress made by Chinese manufacturers in optical key components. The top-tier iPhone 15 Pro Max features a tetraprism design in its telephoto camera. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities, pointed out that this prism is a key component used for the first time in Apple’s iPhones. He speculates that the prism may be primarily supplied by China’s Lante Optics, with Crystal-Optech possibly being the second supplier.

In the realm of camera lenses, both reports from Japanese securities and Ming-Chi Kuo suggest that China’s Cowell may enter the supply chain for the front camera modules of the iPhone 15 series. Analysts also speculate that China’s Sunny Optical Technology may join the supply chain for camera lens components in the iPhone 15 series.

Regarding semiconductor packaging, while the system-in-package (SiP) modules for the iPhone 15 series are still primarily supplied by USI under the ASE Group, analysts anticipate that China’s JCET Group and Luxshare Precision will also enter the supply chain for SiP modules.

In the realm of back glass, the market generally expects that Lens Tech and Biel Crystal will remain the only two suppliers. In terms of acoustic components, GoerTek Acoustics is expected to provide a significant portion of the supply.

Analyzing the battery sector, reports from Japanese securities reports indicate that China’s Desay and Sunwoda are entering the supply chain for battery packaging in the iPhone 15 series.

Additionally, Luxshare Precision’s position in the supply chain for the iPhone 15 series cannot be underestimated. Analysts suggest that Luxshare has entered the assembly subcontracting supply chain for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, and the top-tier iPhone 15 Pro Max. Some analysts estimate that Luxshare’s overall assembly share in the iPhone 15 series has increased to 28% to 30%, trailing only behind Hon Hai Precision Industry Group’s share of 58% to 60%.

Furthermore, analysts also point out that Luxshare has ventured into components such as wireless charging modules, USB-C ports and cables, as well as haptic technology elements in the iPhone 15 series.