[News] Foxconn Rumored to Secure Significant Orders for NVIDIA’s New GH200, L40S Module

2023-08-24 Semiconductors editor

According to a report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily, the latest GH200 module released by NVIDIA has seen its assembly orders exclusively undertaken by Foxconn, while the assembly orders for L40S are also entirely managed by Foxconn.

Foxconn has traditionally refrained from commenting on individual business and order dynamics. It is believed that AI chip modules constitute the highest-margin product within the entire server supply chain.

Foxconn has been a longstanding partner of NVIDIA, providing an end-to-end solution across chip modules, baseboards, motherboards, servers, and chassis. Foxconn’s capabilities have facilitated the creation of a comprehensive solution for NVIDIA’s AI server supply chain.

Previously, Foxconn had an exclusive assembly partnership with NVIDIA for the “H100” and “H800” modules, not only retaining the existing orders but also securing a substantial portion of the HGX module orders. Now, reports indicate that Foxconn will exclusively supply even NVIDIA’s newly unveiled GH 200, and the L40S.

Industry sources indicate that due to severe constraints on TSMC’s advanced CoWoS packaging capacity, the scaling up of NVIDIA’s AI chip production has been hindered. However, with new CoWoS production capacity set to gradually open up in the late third quarter to the fourth quarter, shipments of Foxconn’s AI chip modules are anticipated to rapidly increase.

Industry sources reveal that in business negotiations, NVIDIA is known for demanding from its suppliers, but it is also generous in its offerings. As long as suppliers provide products that meet or even exceed expectations, NVIDIA is willing to offer reasonable prices, fostering mutually beneficial relationships with its partners.

(Photo credit: NVIDIA)