[News] Dell’s Large Orders Boost Wistron and Lite-On, AI Server Business to Grow Quarterly

2023-08-22 Semiconductors TrendForce

Dell, a major server brand, placed a substantial order for AI servers just before NVIDIA’s Q2 financial report. This move is reshaping Taiwan’s supply chain dynamics, favoring companies like Wistron and Lite-On.

Dell is aggressively entering the AI server market, ordering NVIDIA’s top-tier H100 chips and components. The order’s value this year is estimated in hundreds of billions of Taiwanese dollars, projected to double in the next year. Wistron and Lite-On are poised to benefit, securing vital assembly and power supply orders. EMC and Chenbro are also joining the supply chain.

Dell’s AI server order, which includes assembly (including complete machines, motherboards, GPU boards, etc.) and power supply components, stands out with its staggering value. The competition was most intense in the assembly sector, ultimately won by Wistron. In the power supply domain, industry leaders like Delta, Lite-On, secured a notable share, with Lite-On emerging as a winner, sparking significant industry discussions.

According to Dell’s supply chain data, AI server inventory will reach 20,000 units this year and increase next year. The inventory primarily features the highest-end H100 chips from NVIDIA, with a few units integrating the A100 chips. With each H100 unit priced at $300,000 and A100 units exceeding $100,000, even with a seemingly modest 20,000 units, the total value remains in the billions of New Taiwan Dollars.

Wistron is a standout winner in Dell’s AI server assembly order, including complete machines, motherboards, and GPU boards. Wistron has existing H100 server orders and will supply new B100 baseboard orders. Their AI server baseboard plant in Hsinchu, Taiwan will expand by Q3 this year. Wistron anticipates year-round growth in the AI server business.