2Q23 Sees First-Ever 10 Million+ Shipments of 100Hz+ LCD Monitor Panels, Says TrendForce

2023-08-10 Consumer Electronics TrendForce

According to TrendForce research, demand for 100Hz LCD monitors surges, driven by gaming trends. Higher-performance gaming PCs in Chinese internet cafes and inventory restocking in global markets elevate the demand for 120Hz+ gaming panels. In 2Q23, LCD shipments with 100Hz+ rates surpass 10 million units, marking a remarkable 67.4% QoQ increase.

Of note, the shipment volume for 100Hz LCD monitor panels has surged by 273.9% in the same quarter, reaching a total of 2.2 million units. The cumulative shipment of 100Hz or higher monitor panels for 1H23 has reached 16.02 million units.

Anticipating 2H23, while early demand for 120Hz+ gaming models might taper, the shift to 100Hz models is expected to sustain shipments. The second-half volume is projected to grow by 21.4% from H1, reaching 19.4 million units, with a distribution split of 45.2% in the first half and 54.8% in the second half.

Expected to reach 35 million units, representing a remarkable year-on-year growth of 85.2%. Among these, an estimated 7.6 million units are attributed solely to the 100Hz models, with the possibility of further up

To counter the effect of 100Hz model demand on pure esports systems, gaming PCs are now defined as those with 120Hz+ panels. This could raise the annual gaming PC market size to 23-24 million units, signifying an 18.7% growth.