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DRAMeXchange:All in one PC will be a better seller with Windows 7

18 May 2009

 Taipei,May 18th,2009----The market segment of All in One PC (AIO) was always there since years ago, it’s just that it used to be a niche, alternative product.

SSD Evaluation List of 1H2009 announced by DRAMeXchange

13 May 2009

Taipei,April 22, 2009----DRAMeXchange announces the evaluation result of SSD(Solid-state drive).OCZ wins “Best Overall performance” award while Chiantech is “Best industrial design”.

DRAMeXchange expects 10 million units CULV in 2009

13 May 2009

 Taipei,May 13th,2009----While considering the supply and timeliness of the CULV CPU and its related components, the CULV CPU NB shipment scale is estimated to reach 8 to 10 million units worldwide in the year 2009, and account for 7% to 9% of the traditional NB market share. Acer is expected to gain 50% or more market share of the CULV.Says DRAMeXchange.

Q109 Revenue of WW DRAM Industry Declined 22.3%, say DRAMeXchange

12 May 2009

For WW own brand, the Korean vendor's share accounts for 50.1% (exclude others) and its leader position remained unchallenged in Q1. Taiwanese vendors' share slightly increase to 13.6% from 11.8% due to the production adjustment by PSC, Nanya and Winbond. The rest market share are occupied by Japanese vendors (15.8%) and American ones (15.7%).

DRAMeXchange: 1H May NAND Flash Contract Price rose 0% to 12%

11 May 2009

Taipei,May 11th,2009-----Average NAND Flash contract price of 1H May, 2009, rose between 0 to 12%. In 1H May, following previous NAND Flash suppliers' allocation policy in April, upstream suppliers provided system makers as their priority and reduced allocation to memory card makers.

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