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DRAMeXchange:DDR2 Nov.2H contract price stays flat

23 November 2009 Semiconductors

2009/11/23----According to survey by DRAMeXchange, after DDR2 contract prices have hiked for four months, leading to an average price surge of 82%, its average contract price stabilized in 2HNov, average contract price of DDR2/2GB is maintained at $41. As for high contract price, impacted by the previous shortage, it had surged to $50; the price has lost its stability and fell by 8% to $46.

In terms of market dynamics, since PC-OEM manufacturers’ shipments for the holiday season is drawing to a close, under weakening demand, DRAM contract prices will increase; coupled by Taiwan-based manufacturers’ input in October, DDR2 production will continue to ramp up, thereby easing the DDR2 shortage. The overall PC shipments
will enter the slow season, December contract prices will reach a turning point and decline by 5%~10%. Says DRAMeXchange.


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