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DRAMeXchange:DDR2 1H Nov contract price surging 13.9%

9 November 2009 Semiconductors

2009/11/9-----According to DRAMeXchange, 1H’Nov contract price continues the sharply increasing upward pricing trend 13.9% to US$41 from US$36 due to the DDR2 shortage while the “High” contract price has surpassed spot price and reached US$50.
DRAMeXchange expects that DDR2 contract price will likely remain its strong momentum in November given the upside order from PC-OEM regarding to middle price models.
As for DDR3 contract price, DRAM vendors keep adopt “bundle strategy” to promote DDR3, resulted in the rising pricing trend for DDR3. However, DRAMeXchange has seen PC-OEMs accelerating DDR3 migration given the strong high DDR2 price.
DRAMeXchange expects that DDR3 crossover point will be moved earlier to the end-1Q10 or beginning of 2Q10 in terms of PC shipment basis.


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