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Growth in TV Panel Quotes in July to Set Record High in Recent Years Given Strong Demand, Says TrendForce

6 July 2020

According to the latest investigations by TrendForce’s Department of Display Research, the market demand for display panels has been surging in recent months. In particular, after the 2Q20 period of sluggish purchasing momentum as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the TV panel market has seen its demand rebound quickly, in turn resulting in a higher-than-expected spike in TV panel quotes in July. Other than 75-inch panels, prices for all sizes of TV panels are likely to go into a noticeable uptrend in July, with a projected 8-10% MoM increase in 32-inch and 55-inch panels. Prices for 43-inch, 50-inch, and 65-inch panels, which are panel sizes with equally strong demand momentum, are expected to see average hikes of 6-8%, resulting in a rarely seen bull market for the display panel industry in recent years.

Gaming Monitor Shipment Projected to Grow 37% YoY in 2020, with IPS Monitors Seeing Noticeably Increased Market Share, Says TrendForce

2 July 2020

According to the latest investigations by TrendForce’s Department of Display Research, the shipment of gaming monitors (defined as having frame rates of 100Hz or higher) is projected to reach upwards of 12.2 million units in 2020, a 37% increase YoY, owing to the wider variety and market availability of models with consumer-friendly prices.

Mini LED Supply Chain to Benefit from 1Q21 Release of Apple’s New 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Says TrendForce

30 June 2020

As Apple’s upcoming release of products featuring Mini LED backlight generates a growth in Mini LED demand, the company has also stimulated actors in the Mini LED supply chain to increase their production capacities. According to the latest investigations by the LEDinside research division of TrendForce, in 1Q21 Apple is expected to not only release its 12.9-inch, Mini LED backlight-equipped iPad Pro, but also open contract bids for its 14-inch and 16-inch MacBooks. Apple has currently chosen Taiwanese manufacturers of display-related components to supply its Mini LED backlights, since Taiwanese suppliers have an advantage in new product development given their superior product stability and technological maturity. Both upstream and downstream suppliers are expected to participate in the Mini LED supply chain, including LED chip manufacturer Epistar, testing and sorting providers FitTech and Saultech, SMT supplier TSMT, and PCB backplane manufacturer Zhen Ding Tech – all of which serve important roles in the development of new Mini LED backlight displays.

Issues of Tight Supply of DDI to Persist in 2H20, Potentially Becoming Long-Term Concern, Says TrendForce

18 June 2020

According to the latest investigations by the WitsView research division of TrendForce, foundries have maintained a high level of capacity utilization in 1H20 in spite of disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the node capacities of mainstream process technologies used for DDI production are showing a tight supply situation that is unlikely to be alleviated even in 2H20. There is a high possibility for foundry capacities allocated for DDI production to be compressed by other applications in 2H20, in turn potentially resulting in a price hike for DDIs.

Notebook Computer Display Panel Shipment Grows by Nearly 18% YoY in 2Q20, with Demand Momentum Projected to Last Until 3Q20, Says TrendForce

9 June 2020

According to the latest investigations from the WitsView research division of TrendForce, issues with the NB (notebook computer) panel supply chain, such as material shortage, labor shortage, and logistic disruptions, were gradually resolved starting in April. The resolution of these issues, combined with rising WFH and distance education demand brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulted in a strong wave of panel demand in 2Q20. TrendForce projects 2Q20 NB panel shipment to reach 53.3 million units, a 17.7% increase YoY and 33.6% increase QoQ.

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