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Intense Competition in DDIC Supply Market Expected in 2024, with Continued Pressure on Prices, Says TrendForce

21 December 2023

TrendForce’s latest investigations forecast an exciting yet challenging year for the DDIC market in 2024. With prices in 2023 mostly stabilizing or showing a slight decline, the upcoming year is poised for a transformative shift.

Market Value of Ultra-Thin Glass Projected to Reach US$600 Million in 2024 Thanks to Rising Adoption of Foldable Phones, Says TrendForce

1 December 2023

TrendForce’s recent report on OLED technology and its market trends reveals that UTG has secured over 90% market share in the newest foldable models. This trend indicates robust growth of UTG’s market value to US$360 million in 2023, with hopes of reaching US$600 million in 2024.

Gen5+ LCD Panel Utilization Rates to Reach Approximately 72% in Q4, with Potential Further Decline in 1Q24, Says TrendForce

9 November 2023

TrendForce reports that the utilization rates for the Gen5+ LCD panel industry (by area) are estimated to decrease by nearly 9.2 percentage points from the third quarter, reaching 72.2% in Q4.

TrendForce 2024: Riding the Wave of Revolutionary Tech Trends

17 October 2023

In this press release, TrendForce details the major trends that are expected to take place across various segments in the tech industry in 2024, as follows:

OLED Monitor Shipments Predicted to Soar by 323% in 2023; 2024 Shipments Expected to Surpass One Million Units, Says TrendForce

12 October 2023

TrendForce reports that the ever-expanding dimensions of OLED products, combined with the ambitious plans of several top-tier brands, mean that 2023 could see OLED monitor shipments hitting a staggering 508,000 units—an astronomical YoY surge of 323%.

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